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Thirty Seconds is Enough for Permanent Enamel Damage

In earlier articles we mentioned how the PH in drinks can silently sneak into the the nooks and crannies in your teeth damaging your enamel.

Lately dental researchers have discovered that many of the traditional soft drinks, sports drinks, fruit juice and other drinks with a high level of acidity present a “triple-threat” that can cause permanent damage in children´s teeth.

These group of researchers have been able to demonstrate that within just thirty seconds of acid attack, the effects can be lifelong damage. Although dental erosion has become an important concern for most developed countries, it is usually detected only after extensive tooth damage has taken place.

High acidity drinks along with tooth grinding during the wee hours and reflux can all contribute to irreversible damage to children´s and young adult´s teeth.

For the first time, researchers have been able to demonstrate that lifelong damage is caused by acidity to the teeth within the first 30 seconds of acid attack.

The research was conducted by the School of Dentistry Honors student Chelsea Mann of the University of Adelaide. Dr Sarbin Ranjitkar is the corresponding author of a paper on tooth enamel erosion published in the Journal of Dentistry.

“Often, children and adolescents grind their teeth at night, and they can have undiagnosed regurgitation or reflux, which brings with it acidity from the stomach. Combined with drinks high in acidity, this creates a triple threat to young people’s teeth which can cause long-term damage to teeth,” stated Ranjitkar.

It is of popular belief that the effects of drinking high-acidity fluids can be reversible by asking your child to brush their teeth after half an hour. According to this research once your child consumes a high-acidity drink, the effect is irreversible. The recommendations from the researchers include avoiding soft-drinks, sports drinks and fruit juices and consuming fresh fruits and water instead.

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Thirty Seconds Is Enough For Permanent Enamel Damage
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