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Three Types of Gum Grafts

Gum recession many times goes under the radar because it is a gradual process.

However this condition can progress into advanced gum disease which affects up to a 12% of adults. The procedure used to correct this condition is called gum tissue graft. Your oral surgeon will resource to any of these three types of grafts depending on your specific needs and the condition of your gums.

    1. Free gingival grafts.

Candidates for this type of grafts are those who have thin gums to start with and by performing this procedure tissue is added on to their gums in order to enlarge them. In this procedure a small amount of tissue is removed directly from the roof of the mouth, and then it is attached directly to the gum area.

    1. Connective-tissue grafts

During this common method to treat receding gums a flap of skin is removed from the palate of your mouth, then the connective tissue under the flap, also known as the subepthelial connective tissue is removed and stitched to the gum tissue surrounding an exposed tooth root. The flap is later on stitched back after the connective tissue has been removed.

    1. Pedicle grafts

During a pedicle graft, no tissue is taken from the palate; instead the tissue is grafted from the gum tissue around or near the exposed tooth root. This flap is called pedicle and it is only partially cut so that the edge remains attached. The gum is then pulled over to cover the exposed root and it is then sewn into place. The candidates for this type of method are those who have enough gum tissue near the tooth.

Other options for gum grafts include using tissue-stimulating proteins; this will encourage your body to increase the natural ability to grow bone and tissue. Some oral surgeons also prefer to use grafting material from a tissue bank.

If you have been experiencing tooth sensitivity lately and some of your teeth look longer, don’t hesitate to call Prisma Dental for an appointment. These can be signs that you have receding gums.

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Three Types Of Gum Grafts
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