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To Share or Not to Share

The toothbrush is as personal as underwear. It’s personal and key for our wellbeing.

But what happens if you stay over at a friend’s home and forgot yours?
Should you ask someone to lend you his or her toothbrush for that time?

The answer is no. Sharing a toothbrush increases the risk of infections.

This is also true for other personal items such as lipstick, lip balm, drinking glasses, straws, make-up, nail clips and other items that are sometimes shared. Avoid sharing personal items in order to prevent harmful bacteria, viruses and other microbes. As a rule of thumb, anything that comes in contact with your blood or body fluids should not be shared.

As you have noticed we have mentioned a couple of items that simply touch the lips, and lips seem to be safe. However, lips can be infected with germs, specially if the person is presenting flu symptoms and cough. Your lips are the doors towards your mouth, which harbors millions of germs, they can also crack and bleed for many reasons.

You should be aware of lipsticks and lip balms testers. See if you like it by placing a sample on your hand, not on your lips. You never know how many have already tried them on.

By: Prisma Dental

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To Share Or Not To Share
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