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Tooth Extraction AfterCare

We have mentioned in one of our earlier posts about the ways you can speed up the healing process after a tooth extraction.

Tooth extractions are performed for a variety of reasons ranging from extensive tooth decay to the need to create more space within the mouth, which is a common scenario when a patient is going for an orthodontic treatment.

Some of the most common indications by dentists after the extraction is done include antibiotics and not to rub the area with your tongue or fingers.

But what is behind these indications?

After your tooth has been removed, a blood clot is formed, this clot is in charge of protecting the bone and the inner structures while you are healing. If for any reason this blood clot is loosened, your bone socket will be left unprotected and may result in having the bone exposed and becoming dry.

Dry sockets can many times cause severe pain and even ear pain. In order to protect this clot you are advised not to change gauze pads until they are totally soaked in blood and avoid rubbing the area with your tongue or even touch it with your finger, also some dentists will discourage you from eating foods like rice that might be trapped into the clot.

Also another recommendation which is of utter importance is antibiotics, specially if the reason why you had your tooth removed is extensive decay. You see, while your tooth is being pulled out some of the bacteria that caused tooth decay might be released into the bloodstream, this bacteria might affect other body parts and might remain in the area of your tooth if if you had an abscess which later on can travel to major organs. For this reason not only antibiotics is important before and after tooth extraction, some dentists might also order a lab test to assure peace of mind.

For more information about the after care of a tooth extraction or the need of one, feel free to contact Prisma Dental.

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Tooth Extraction AfterCare
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