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Top General Dentistry Myths Debunked – Part 1

Myths about your teeth abound, some of them have been around for generations, and we regard them as facts when many of them are just myths.

Correct information paired with good dental hygiene habits can save you a lot of pain and can be the basis for making the best decisions regarding your oral health.

Number 1

Myth: During an episode of severe toothache, smashing a pill of aspirin and covering the area can alleviate pain.

Fact: Applying aspirin directly the tooth does not alleviate pain, in turn it can burn the soft tissues that surround your teeth. Swallowing the tablet will provide better relief. Keep in mind that taking painkillers to relieve toothache is not a good way to deal with pain. Instead, make an appointment with your dentist in order to discover the reason behind the pain is.

Number 2

Myth: Chewing a gum after meals or swishing with mouthwash can be a substitute for brushing.

Fact: Neither a sugarless chewing gum nor mouthwash can substitute brushing. Chewing on a sugar free gum after a meal, when brushing immediately after food has been ingested is not possible, is a good practice, as it increases saliva flow to your mouth. This reduces the growth of bacteria that produce cavities since they multiply in acidic environments. Using mouthwash is a great way to enhance the effects of brushing and flossing but it is never a substitute.

Number 3

Myth: Temporary teeth do not need to be saved or treated since they will fall off eventually.

Fact: Although temporary teeth will fall off eventually they need to have the same type of care and importance as permanent teeth. When temporary teeth decay, they will produce pain and will also make chewing food difficult.

Number 4

Myth: When your gums are bleeding, it is better not to brush the teeth.

Fact: Bleeding is usually a sign of gum inflammation, produced when plaque and tartar accumulate near the rim of your gums, which in turn fosters bacterial growth. Not brushing will cause more tartar to accumulate and will make matters worse.

By: Prisma Dental

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Top General Dentistry Myths Debunked – Part 1
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