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Top Trends in Dentistry

Aesthetics is the New Definition of Beauty

We have come a long way, back in the 1960ś the main concern was tooth decay and tooth loss and although dentists did perform bridge and crown restorations it was far from the full-mouth restorations that are so common nowadays.

Nowadays cosmetic dentistry is practically the norm and patients have high expectations, they want to be able to flash a new smile in practically no time and without a trace of pain and discomfort. The wonders of technology… Being able to flash a beautiful sparky white smile is synonymous of a presentation card.

Customized Service

Remember when the first Coke was introduced to the market, there was only one flavor and Coke had no competition. Well now there are simply a whole new range of drinks you can choose from according to your tastes, needs, mood, diet and preference.

The same happened in dentistry, every client is unique, as unique as the tone and shape of their teeth. This is why dentistry cannot go back and have a “one fits all” approach. Nowadays with all the advances in technology and medicine there are more ways to solve a dental condition, there are a variety of materials, treatments than can cater to the needs of every patient.

Prisma Dental was able to perceive this trend early on and immediately acted upon it by creating its on-site lab, where we can create a piece of art, as unique as you are.

Holistic Dentistry

Your body works in unison, and what affects your oral health can have repercussion on your total wellness. If you have the time to peruse through our blog, you will be able to find researches that point that gum disease can affect your heart, your joints and also there is new information that points that it can also affect your stomach. The materials used in fillings, bridges and dental work can also create an adverse effect on your body, and for this reason we encourage you to read all we have about the effects of mercury found in amalgam fillings. Your mouth is a window to your overall wellness and of course, Prisma Dental takes care of your oral health.

By: Prisma Dental


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Top Trends In Dentistry
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