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Toxic Mercury Lurking in Your Mouth

Amalgam fillings have been around since the 1830´s and although it was known that mercury vapors were hazardous to health, the whole concept of bonding mercury with other metals such as silver, tin, copper and zinc was to make mercury inert and thus safe to use.

Mercury fillings can release mercury vapor, which in small amounts should not pose any threat to health. However, in many cases patients do not have an amalgam filling in just one tooth, most probably they have them on all teeth with cavities thus increasing the exposure.

When mercury vapors are released it can affect the central nervous system, kidneys and brain.

People who are allergic to mercury can experience fatigue, migraine, anxiety attacks and even digestive problems. In extreme cases amalgam fillings have been found to be linked to autism, Alzheimer’s disease and even multiple sclerosis.

In Germany, Australia and Norway amalgam fillings are not recommended for children, pregnant women and those with kidney disease.

The British Dental Association estimates that 1.75million can be allergic to mercury but still 30 million amalgam fillings were being fitted every year.

While many argue that there is no reputable study that can actually indicate that mercury vapors released in your mouth due to amalgam fillings does have an adverse effect in health, others point that these adverse effects may manifest in depression, headache, fatigue and problems concentrating.

Physical signs that you are allergic to mercury are rare but some patients do present white ulcers in their mouths.

Skeptics also argue that mercury contamination in the environment and in food such as fish might have a higher impact on health than the amount of mercury released in your mouth by amalgam fillings.

The good news is, nowadays you have the right to choose what goes into your mouth and more friendly and biocompatible materials are available.

By: Prisma Dental

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Toxic Mercury Lurking In Your Mouth
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