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Turn Your Child’s Visit to the Dentist into an Adventure

How can you motivate your child to simply love going to the dentist and having their teeth checked and cleaned properly?

For years, parents have dreaded taking their kids to the dentist fearing their child’s reaction; some even wait until a cavity has already taken its toll on their child’s teeth before they muster up the valor to do so. So how can parents turn this around and implement the habit of healthy oral care?

Here are a few ideas and tips:

Talk about feelings openly
The trip to the dentist for a four-year old doesn’t need to be either boring or scary; in fact it can be a great adventure, however, kids need to feel safe in order to be open to experience the unknown. Prepare your kid beforehand, talk about the appointment, if you see that he is unwilling to go, feel free to talk about the reasons and discuss it openly.

Make it an adventure
Make the trip an adventure by pointing out everything that he will discover from the moment you leave home, include stops to your kids favorite places after the appointment so he will always have a good memory of the trip. Make the whole experience interesting by simply calling it an adventure, inviting the child to explore his teeth with the dentist.

Explain and satisfy the child’s thirst for knowledge
Humans have the tendency to avoid anything they do not understand. It is normal that when children walk into the dentist’s office and see a big chair with unknown equipment and elements they might feel a bit afraid. The key is to make everything look fun and use their imagination to your favor. Thus the overhead light instead of being a menacing object it can become the power beam light of a superhero of the child’s preference. Even the dentist chair can become a friendly place when you tap into the child’s sense of exploration by showing what happens when he pushes the buttons. Answer your child’s questions with glee; he might want to know why there is a sink next to the chair, why it is not good to eat gummies and a many questions more.

By: Prisma Dental

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Turn Your Child’s Visit To The Dentist Into An Adventure
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