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Types of Veneers and Why You Should Care About It

Veneers are wafer-thin shells that are often made of porcelain or resin composite materials that are bonded to our teeth.

Porcelain is the material of preference because of its light-reflecting quality; it mimics perfectly the color and feel of real teeth. Composite resin shells on the other hand are thinner and thus less of the tooth enamel needs to be trimmed, however resin is quite opaque and although a very natural color can be achieved it does not reflect light the same way porcelain or real teeth do.

A new type of veneer has hit the market and their claim is that they are “reversible” since less tooth enamel is trimmed and not much tooth preparation is needed.

Although this might sound like the best innovation for veneers it is advised that patients go and talk this over with their cosmetic dentist first as this technique is not for everyone.

While this new type of veneer might be great for some, other patients might have other needs. One of the downfalls is that since these shells are placed over teeth with little or no preparation, teeth can become bulky or over-contoured. This bulk might result in debris collecting on the edges of the veneers and can lead to periodontal disease.

Every patient has their specific needs, some have already gone through orthodontics and their bite is perfect, the position of their teeth is perfect and the only thing they want is to be able to change the natural color and even the shape and size of their teeth. Other patients might present teeth that are crooked, worn down or severed by acid, grinding or decay.

There is a specific type of veneer that is right for each patient, and we encourage you to send your questions to Prisma Dental, so that we can give you a professional and accurate assessment for your specific and unique case.

Having the smile of your dreams might be only a click away.

By: Prisma Dental

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Types Of Veneers And Why You Should Care About It
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