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What Practices Lead to Sensitive Teeth?

The first part of this article explained the basic concept of teeth sensitivity and a couple of the most common practices which make this condition worse. We will keep on identifying these practices so you can identify and correct accordingly.

Whitening Teeth Too Often
Dr. Josef Cordero explains “having a bright smile is something everyone wants. However, abusing the power of whitening toothpastes, gels, strips and other products that usually contain peroxide, can cause sensitive teeth”. Usually, the sensitivity is temporary and goes away once the product is not used. Nowadays there are plenty of options to whiten teeth, consult those options at Prisma Dental.

Exerting Too Much Pressure on Teeth
Habits such as eating ice and biting into hard candies can lead to cracked teeth. And once it is cracked the pulp will very likely to become irritated. A crack might also make it easier for bacteria to reach the pulp and to multiply thus leading to inflammation and making the pain worse. To prevent this, do not exert too much pressure on your teeth. Avoid munching on ice, hard candies and nuts. Also avoid opening cans and bottles with your teeth.

Teeth Grinding
Teeth clenching or grinding is usually an unconscious habit which when performed over a long period of time can eventually wear away tooth enamel. Many factors can lead a person to clench their teeth, many times it is an unconscious action. If you grind your teeth, come to Prisma Dental and we will present you with control methods to avoid further damage on your tooth cavity.

By: Prisma Dental

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What Practices Lead To Sensitive Teeth?
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