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What You Can Do to Prevent Gum Recession

Gums recede, and for various reasons including gum disease, however there is so much you can do to prevent it.

Many times there are consistent actions that we engage in everyday that cause gum recession.

Did you know that one of the main causes of gum recession by trauma is brushing teeth too vigorously?
Believe it or not, exerting too much pressure on your teeth with your toothbrush is not a good practice, specially if the bristles are too hard. You can prevent gum recession simply by choosing a toothbrush with soft bristles and treating your teeth with care, brushing them softly without exerting too much pressure on your gums.

Next time you are tempted to have that tongue piercing, reconsider it.
Piercing your tongue may have a lot to do with receding gums. The barbell that is usually used to keep the piercing in place on the back of your tongue can continually and consistently rub against gums on the inside of a tooth, this injury if it goes unnoticed can eventually cause gum recession.

Chewing tobacco can have a long-term impact on your overall health by exposing your organs to carcinogens and can also cause gums to recede.
Tobacco chewers have a tendency to chew snuff and hold it between the teeth and the cheek or lips. There where it is held most of the time, tobacco will start irritating those tissues. Kick the habit.

Grinding your teeth, or bruxism is very frequent and might usually go unnoticed, it affects both children and adults.
In adults, bruxism has been discovered to be stress-related and gum recession usually occurs on their back teeth. Although bruxism is many times unconscious and might even happen during sleep, keeping your stress levels low and also opting for a treatment for bruxism can protect your teeth and gums.

Mechanical devices such as braces can sometimes cause localized gum recession.
Sometimes food is caught in between braces and prolonged irritation occurs at the margins of gums. In order to avoid this, make sure that you clean your teeth properly and check that all the wires are in place so that they will not irritate your gums.

By: Prisma Dental

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What You Can Do To Prevent Gum Recession
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