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What Your Teeth Reveals

According to a study led by George D. Kamenov from the University of Florida, there is information in your teeth that can give clues of where you came from.

Every part of our body contains vital information such as DNA, teeth are a great source of material from where for example archaeologists can collect data since they have the quality to preserve their shape, form and DNA information in time.

Dr. Kamenov however has a different approach to analyze data from teeth, he uses pollution signal to determine where a person comes from by analyzing the lead components in teeth.

Lead is composed of isotopes, the amounts of these isotopes will fluctuate in different soils, ores and rocks, thus every region of the world will present their own variation due to their geographical location. Activities such as mining and other activities that cause lead to be released into the environment will eventually be accumulated in the bodies of children since they will be inhaling it from the dust and also coming into contact with it with their hands and eventually also ingesting it from the soil. All of this lead signals will be locked into the tooth enamel and be preserved. Thus when you are growing up, you will lock the lead signals of that specific place, if later on you move, the isotope found in your tooth enamel will be different from that of the locals.

All of this information is very important for police investigation, specially in cases wherein it is necessary to identify a body and all you´ve got is their teeth. But that is not all, Kamenov´s research can be a valuable tool for archaeologists, since the natural composition of lead has changed since to use of gasoline, this method can easily draw a line in between modern and historical human exposure.

“You can go back in time, look at archaeological sites and try to reconstruct human migration,” Kamenov said.

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What Your Teeth Reveals
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