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When Do You Need a Root Canal?

Root canal procedure

Many will agree that there is no pain like a tooth pain that shoots directly through the nerves; this ache can be so severe it may seem that your head or surrounding area will explode… literally!

What is even more interesting is that many adults have no idea that they have extensive tooth decay until that pain forces them to visit the nearest dentist. Only to discover afterwards that a root canal will be necessary.

But before you rush to the dentist due to extreme tooth discomfort, there are symptoms which you may notice.

Pain is the most common symptom and a sign that something is going on with your teeth, however not all tooth pain is an indication that an endodontic treatment is needed.

If you are experiencing tooth pain with these characteristics chances are you might need to have further tests to see if tooth decay has advanced too far.

Sometimes you feel the pain and sometimes it vanishes, the level of discomfort can also vary from slight to extreme and sometimes you feel like your tooth has a “heartbeat” of its own.

When you change the posture of how you sleep, stand, hold your head or bend over the intensity of the pain changes.

Your tooth is sensitive to changes in temperature, many times when you have hot foods or drinks the pain might intensify and when you have something cold the pain subsides.

Pain can linger for some minutes before it disappears; there are also instances when this pain can last for hours and even days.

You don’t know which tooth is hurting, you simply feel like the whole area hurts.

If you are not sure if you need a root canal or if you have extensive decay, it is time to contact your dentist. You will be asked about the symptoms you have been experiencing before your dentist makes overall assessment of your specific case.

In order to determine if a root canal is necessary traditional testing and x-rays will be performed to access the overall state of the tooth that is causing you discomfort.

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When Do You Need A Root Canal?
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