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When is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

During our lifetime we have two set of teeth, the first set also known as “milk teeth” are the first teeth that our body produces and they erupt when we are still infants.

When we are transitioning to our early teens these milk teeth will start to fall off and the permanent teeth will start to come out and replace them.

Our permanent teeth were meant to last for a lifetime, that is, if you really appreciate them and commit to a good oral health routine. During adulthood loosing a tooth or deciding to have a tooth removed will be a decision that needs to be considered from every angle possible and the reason is simple, your body will not grow a natural tooth to replace the missing one.

But then why would anyone even consider to remove their very precious, one-and-only tooth?

Extractions of permanent teeth are performed for various reasons:

Extensive tooth decay leading to infection.

When tooth decay has covered so much of the tooth structure that it reaches the pulp, an extraction might be the only option left, specially if the option of a root canal is ruled out and the patient has already taken antibiotics but the infection remains.

A crowded mouth.

When you opt for an orthodontic treatment, your orthodontist will analyze your scans and see how your teeth fit. Usually your orthodontist will ask you to make extractions if there is not enough space to straighten your teeth and if a tooth does not have sufficient space to erupt.

At Prisma Dental we understand the value of your permanent teeth and before we make an extraction we will do everything in our hands to save them.

However if your health is at stake or you are considering an orthodontic treatment, we will make sure that the process of extracting a tooth will be efficient and painless.

By: Prisma Dental

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When Is Tooth Extraction Necessary?
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