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Why Are Metallic Materials Used for Dental Work?

All the materials used for dental work can be grouped into three categories: metals, composite and ceramic.

Metallic components have been used for various reasons, they can be easily molded to fit any contours of your teeth and have been used for decades. Amalgams are great example of how these materials have been used, it is mainly composed of mercury and other metals and it is usually found in the form of a liquid at room temperature. This allows the material to be poured into a tooth cavity and thus effectively fill the space and cover the tooth.

Amalgam fillings however are currently being replaced by more biocompatible materials such as composite resin and porcelain for various reasons. First, the concern of continuous exposure to mercury and second the toxicity that some of the materials found in the amalgam might elicit in patients and last but not least, for aesthetic reasons.

Casting alloys are also used in crowns, bridges, in orthodontic work and also as the base of ceramic restorations.

Precious metals such as gold are also used for crowns as in the case of Captek Crowns used at Prisma Dental. Pure gold is a very malleable thus it is often used to cover a structure made from metal alloys. The properties of gold are numerous, it is resistant to corrosion and it is widely known that it elicits very little immune reactivity, thus it is considered to be biocompatible.

The beauty of using metals is that they can be mixed in such a way that you can make most of the properties of a specific metal. Thus they will be used to alter and enhance the durability, color and hardness of the alloy.

At Prisma Dental, we made a vow to use only the safest biocompatible materials in our practice and we have been involved in the process of removing amalgam fillings and replacing them for composite resin for many years now.

Have to considered to replace your amalgam fillings? Contact Prisma today and enjoy the health benefits of removing mercury fillings from your teeth.

By: Prisma Dental

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Why Are Metallic Materials Used For Dental Work?
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