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Why Biocompatible Materials Are Used in Dentistry?

For those of you who have food allergies you know that there are certain types of foods which your body will react to.

What creates an allergic reaction in you, whether it is peanuts, seafood, pollen or soybeans will not elicit the same type of reaction on someone else. This happens also when you have dental work, there are some materials that are placed in your mouth that your immune system might react to.

Here is where the term “dental toxicity” comes in, when your body reacts to the material that was used for dental work, it is identified as an infection or as toxic substances and your immune system will start to defend your body in order to remove what the body considers foreign.

If this material remains in the mouth, the body will never be able to remove it and the reaction will continue until the root of the problem is clearly identified and the material causing the reaction is withdrawn.

Dental toxicity is very subtle and most of the time there are no immediately visible effects while the reaction is taking place.

With modern technology and also medical advances, it is now easier to determine which components are toxic for you. Serum compatibility testing is a great way to determine which materials will react to a patient’s serum proteins, this type of test will make sure that all the materials that will be included in the dental work will be safe for the patient.

Thanks to tests like these, it is now easier to discover and use materials that will not elicit a reaction from the body.

According to the International Dictionary of Medicine and Biology: “Biocompatibility is the capability of a prosthesis implanted in the body to exist in harmony with tissue without causing deleterious changes”.

By: Prisma Dental

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Why Biocompatible Materials Are Used In Dentistry?
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