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Why Dr. Cordero uses Alpha-Bio Implants

Dr. Cordero has placed more than 5000 implants throughout his practice. He uses Alpha-Bio implants.

“These implants have the internal hexagon that many standard implants have, a technology that was successfully developed and still used today by many trademarks like Zimmer, MIS, Implant Direct and many more.”

Alpha-Bio are excellent implants that undergo a very complex procedure, which aids them in the capability to bond amazingly well with the bone, this is called osseointegration. This is possible thanks to their NanoTec surface.

Alpha-Bio implants are fabricated with a titanium alloy, which is extremely resistant and durable as well as highly biocompatible with the human body.

NanoTec is high-end technology newly installed in the Alpha-Bio factories to treat the surface of the implants with precision and uniformity.

Advantages of NanoTec:

Increase the early contact between bone and implant.

Increase in the stability in the primary and secondary stages of bone healing.

Decrease in the healing period.

Optimization and acceleration in Osseointegration.

Major predictability.

“The splines on the screw give the implant an initial stability superior to the mayority of the implants on the market which gives me great confidence to place them.” Says Dr. Cordero

Sophisticated in design but simple to use, Alpha-Bio implants are superior quality implants that comply with international standards.

By: Prisma Dental

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Why Dr. Cordero Uses Alpha-Bio Implants
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