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Your Teeth as a Tool for Investigation

The information in this article may remind you of many detective series on TV, nowadays even the most challenging detective work can be solved, thanks to the unique information stored in your teeth.

Surely you have read detective novels and were mesmerized at how our nails and hair can provide information necessary to solve a crime. Teeth are valuable tools too, especially because of their unique composition.

Forensic dentistry has become a very important and valuable investigative tool and has helped in plenty of cases wherein precise proof was needed to discover the author of a crime.

Forensic dentistry can help investigators in many ways, from using the bite-mark analysis to prove if you were bitten by a dog or another human being, to solving cases of missing persons and much more.

All of this is possible thanks to the way teeth are made. They are covered by an outer covering which is very tough and hard efficiently protecting the DNA, which is very well preserved in the pulp. This makes DNA samples possible even under the most challenging and extreme external conditions.

There have been many cases wherein dentists have helped officials identify victims, such as those in a plane crash when it is impossible to find other types of identifiers.

Forensic dentistry can provide the information necessary and clear verification that investigations need.

History has shown that many cases were solved because dental records were accurate and up-to-date. Leading experts in this field emphasize that keeping your records updated is very important. Without all the valuable information provided by teeth and dentists, uncountable investigations and court cases might have failed.

By: Prisma Dental

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Your Teeth As A Tool For Investigation
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