Dental Lab

Crowns in a day

Here at Prisma Dental we have our on-site lab where we can create full porcelain crowns within 24 to 48 hours. By using the newest technology like CAD/CAM, we can have your crowns in the least amount of time possible, always with the highest quality. The on-site location of our dental lab allows us to maintain the highest quality, precision, aesthetics, and meticulous supervision of all lab work. At Prisma’s Lab we ensure the promptness of all dental work, without [...]

Prisma Dental the Decision You Will Not Regret

Good Morning Beautiful People! First of all, thank you for visiting our blog, we are floored that you have us as your reference when searching for your specific dental/oral-health concern. For us it is truly important that you let us know how we can provide you with the best information and advice there is. Just over a year ago, we decided to revamp our website so that it would be easier for your to have all the information you needed [...]

First Visit to Prisma Dental – FAQ’s

Welcome to your first appointment at Prisma Dental, we are overjoyed to have you with us today. We understand that your oral health is a priority in your life and your priority is ours too. Today we would like to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about how to arrange your stay while visiting Costa Rica for the first time. How can I get to Prisma? Prisma Dental is located at a prestigious zone just 20 minutes from the International [...]

5 Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Prisma Dental

Experience and Tradition Both Dr. Josef Cordero and Dr. Thelma Rubinstein boast of over 30 years of experience, with a list of thousands of happy patients who do not regret coming over to Costa Rica and giving Prisma Dental the chance to make a major change in their lives. Dr. Josef Cordero is a world-class oral surgeon and Dr. Telma Rubinstein is renowned for her expertise in full-mouth restoration and aesthetic work. Quality At Prisma Dental we do not only assure [...]

VIP Treatment at Prisma Dental

At Prisma Dental we value your time, and of course your trust in us to have your procedure done safely, accurately and promptly. You can surely identify with dental procedures that require multiple visits only to have one small detail checked. Most probably your dentist back home will send the molds of the teeth you need to replace to a provider and if you need tomography scans you might need to go to another laboratory to have them before [...]

The Healing Environment of a Modern Dental Clinic

How would you feel if you walked into a dental office, and your first impression of it is that it is welcoming, warm, nurturing and healing? Dental clinics have changed through the years, and nowadays you will find those which offer an environment so soothing you could feel you are in a spa, from the moment you walk into reception, a kind smile will greet you, soothing colors envelop you and the smell of freshness filters through your nostrils. [...]

State of the Art CT Scans at Your Service

Computerized tomography scans (CT Scans) are mostly used in medical procedures because of their image quality and detail. Since it is taken from several different angles it allows a true three-dimensional representation of a specific object. Here at Prisma Dental, in our quest to provide our patients with the best equipment to assess their specific condition, we use this state-of-art technological device to evaluate dental implants, surgical procedures and bone condition. For us the CT Scan is essential in the [...]

An On-Site Lab Can Make a Whole World of Difference

Sixteen years ago, Doctors Cordero & Rubinstein had the vision to build an On-Site Lab in order to offer their patients prompt dental work with the best craftsmanship of master dental technicians. This decision has differentiated them from their peers. The pros of having an on-site lab are plenty. Usually, when you have an appointment to have dental work that might require crowns, bridges, prosthesis, retainers, zirconium crowns, implant abutments, custom made posts, dentures, bleaching trays and mouth guards you might [...]