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TMJ & Botox

Temporomandibular joint disorders are difficult to diagnose. There are several options as far as treatment. Some patients may react differently to each treatment; some may cause better effect on your specific situation. However, Botox has a greater effect compared to the other methods to treat the same disorder. It has become more and more popular with time, as the use of Botox is associated with other cosmetic practices, not only used for TMJ. Several benefits of using as treatment for TMJ [...]

What Your Teeth Reveals

According to a study led by George D. Kamenov from the University of Florida, there is information in your teeth that can give clues of where you came from. Every part of our body contains vital information such as DNA, teeth are a great source of material from where for example archaeologists can collect data since they have the quality to preserve their shape, form and DNA information in time. Dr. Kamenov however has a different approach to analyze data [...]

Prolonged Breastfeeding Can Cause Cavities

Breastfeeding is the universal symbol of motherhood, it conjures up the the images of warmth and that otherworldly bubble where mother and child connect not only physically but also emotionally. But is too much of a good thing bad? So it seems. According to researchers at the University of Califormia, half of the children that are being breastfed after the age of 2 may develop caries. In a study conducted in Brazil it was found that around 40% of [...]

Does Your Dental Insurance Cover Your Needs?

For Prisma Dental, it is always hard to read articles like: “Why American dental insurance is so unspeakably awful”. The above article describes the experience of Wendell Potter, a typical American woman who had a negative experience going to the dentist since childhood. This led her to avoid going to the dentist as an adult unless it was extremely necessary and sometimes even extremely painful. Last fall an excruciating tooth pain forced her to go back to the dentist. [...]

The Size of Our Jaws Shrink With Age

We have heard over and over again about the challenge that senior citizens face in terms of their oral health, usually the topic is tooth loss. However a group of dentists of the Faculty of Dentistry at Malmö University, one of the most prominent universities in Sweden have conducted a unique study which revealed that the size of our jaws decrease as we age. This initiative started in 1949, when plaster molds were made of the jaws of 30 [...]

Beyond Aesthetics

Flashing a new smile is more than just being picture perfect, an interesting new research shows that around 9.7 million of people in England with bad teeth think that it has a negative impact in their lives. This figure represents approximately 70% of the 14 million who report to have bad teeth, and it represents a third of the whole population. These are major numbers, and what is even more mind boggling is that one third of the population is subject [...]

The Psychology behind a Lost Tooth

Losing one or more teeth can have a deep impact both physically and psychologically. According to the Silberg Center for Dental Science, approximately 30% of the working or retired U.S population is either missing a tooth or a number of teeth. This loss will eventually control the decisions we take on certain areas of life including jobs that we choose, the food we eat and even the friends we make. Although it might sound too serious to be true, [...]

Why Biocompatible Materials Are Used in Dentistry?

For those of you who have food allergies you know that there are certain types of foods which your body will react to. What creates an allergic reaction in you, whether it is peanuts, seafood, pollen or soybeans will not elicit the same type of reaction on someone else. This happens also when you have dental work, there are some materials that are placed in your mouth that your immune system might react to. Here is where the term “dental [...]

Celiac Disease and Oral Symptoms

Sensitivity to gluten is one of those diseases which have caught the attention of the public until quite recently. For many years it went under the radar since it was unusual to think that your daily bread could be causing you fatigue, depression or anxiety, osteoporosis, arthritis, joint pain, dermatitis and even miscarriages. Our modern diet practically has gluten in every processed food we consume and it is also present in vitamins, creams and even lip-balms. Celiac disease is a [...]

How to Care for Dog´s Teeth

Your buddy, your most faithful companion and canine ally can also suffer from gingivitis, plaque, tartar and other dental complications. Although you can actively be a participant in your own oral health, dogs cannot and the freshness of their breath will depend on how good you take care of them. Luckily maintaining a dog´s mouth clean is easy and actually quite simple, however some training might be needed. [star_list] [list_item] Dogs need to have their teeth brushed, too. Brushing your dog´s teeth might [...]