Nitrous Oxide

Fear or phobia to the dentist still exists; it’s one of the most common shared fears and one that must be faced eventually. Many people don’t routinely visit the dentist for this reason and many can spend years concerned about their oral health and not go. Problems may be begin to accumulate and present themselves painful. There is something that can ease a dental appointment, make a tense and anxious visit a smooth and relaxing one: nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide [...]

All you need to know about Third Mollars

Third molars, also known as wisdom molars, are the last to erupt and the furthest back teeth in the mouth. They tend to come out between 16 and 25 years of age. In Prisma, oral surgery to remove wisdom teeth is a standard practice. Although the wisdom teeth may not always hurt, it is removed for preventive reasons. The teeth may be stuck or impacted, preventing it erupting properly into your mouth. Maybe your mouth is too small to [...]

Should You Invest in an Oral Irrigation System?

Oral irrigation consists of using a dental water jet that pulsates a stream of water in order to remove food debris and plaque. This home care system has been used to improve gingival health since it can reach below the gumline. The main point of using this device is to reduce harmful bacterial present in the mouth, thus it contributes to lower the chances and severity of periodontal disease. Everyone and anyone can make use of this device, however [...]

Perfect Smile with Invisalign

First impressions count, and what´s more you only have a couple of seconds to show the best of you at a meeting, job interview or date. According to a recent survey, 29% of Americans say that teeth are the first facial feature they notice when first meeting someone. According to an online survey in 2011, people with straight teeth were perceived to be happier, healthier, more friendly, more trustworthy and with a higher self-esteem than those who had crooked [...]

Oral Posture And Your Looks

Our face naturally has a balance which allows our tongue to rest at the roof of our mouth, we are able to close our lips without strain, slightly apart and our teeth to have enough space to be perfectly aligned. This balanced is achieved by the development of the proper arc and size of the jaw and the whole bone structure of the face. When this occurs there is a proper balance between the forces of the tongue and [...]

Open Bites Can Be Prevented

What is an open bite? An open bite occurs when the front teeth both upper and lower ones are forced outwards. Depending on the angle and complexity of each case, this position can affect in such a way that the lower and upper jaw do not touch even when the mouth is completely closed. This position of teeth will not only affect the looks of the patient, it can also lead to eating and speech problems. The good news is, open [...]

Good-bye Healthy Teeth?

Having perfectly healthy teeth removed might sound like the worse idea possible since our natural teeth are as valuable as family treasures, after all once your milk teeth fall off you develop only one set of permanent teeth which are meant to last for a life-time. So why would someone in their right frame of mind allow their healthy teeth to be removed? And what’s more, who would recommend having them pulled out? Pulling out healthy teeth is a common [...]

Do You Need Braces?

Braces are recommended if you are experiencing: [star_list] [list_item] Crowding This is one of the most common situations that are seen nowadays; when milk teeth come off and the new set of permanent teeth erupt, these teeth will come in different size. Since they are bigger, usually they will occupy more space and many times there is not enough space for them to erupt correctly. For this reason, usually a recommended age for orthodontics is between the ages of 10-14. [/list_item] [list_item] Open Bite This happens [...]

When is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

During our lifetime we have two set of teeth, the first set also known as “milk teeth” are the first teeth that our body produces and they erupt when we are still infants. When we are transitioning to our early teens these milk teeth will start to fall off and the permanent teeth will start to come out and replace them. Our permanent teeth were meant to last for a lifetime, that is, if you really appreciate them and commit to [...]

Why Are Metallic Materials Used for Dental Work?

All the materials used for dental work can be grouped into three categories: metals, composite and ceramic. Metallic components have been used for various reasons, they can be easily molded to fit any contours of your teeth and have been used for decades. Amalgams are great example of how these materials have been used, it is mainly composed of mercury and other metals and it is usually found in the form of a liquid at room temperature. This [...]