Dental Laser Therapy in Prisma Dental

Laser therapy has become a popular procedure for several dental treatments. The laser produces a light beam the delivers focalized energy to accelerate healing of soft tissue such as the mucous. It is a painless and silent procedure, which helps reduce the stress of a dental consultation. Laser procedures reduce blood loss during dental treatments by aiding the coagulation process. Its high precision makes it an ideal instrument during surgery. The use of laser may even allow dentists to forego or reduce the [...]

Periodontal Regenerative Surgery (osseous rejuvenation)

The advances in the understanding of the biology of wound healing and periodontal regenerative technologies are applied to improve long-term clinical outcomes of teeth which are periodontally compromised by intrabony or inert-radicular defects.   Periodontal regeneration is selected to:   1. Increase the periodontal attachment of a compromised tooth. 2. Decrease in deep pockets to a more maintainable range. 3. Reduce the vertical and horizontal components of furcation defects.   There are different types of defects: suprabony (horizontal) defects, infrabony (vertical) defects and inter-radicular (furcation) defects. Suprabony [...]

Plasma rico en Plaquetas

Plasma rico en Plaquetas Este proceso consiste en extraer del plasma sanguíneo las proteínas encargadas de la cicatrización de heridas y regeneración de tejidos. Se administra en dosis terapéutica en la zona a tratar esto con el objetivo de optimizar y acelerar los procesos reparativos de forma natural. Proceso En la consulta dental se extrae una pequeña cantidad de sangre del brazo unos minutos antes del procedimiento dental. Mediante un proceso de centrifugación se da la separación de elementos sanguíneos, esto para extraer [...]

Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) This process entails in extracting from the blood plasma the proteins in charge of scaring of wounds and regeneration of tissues. It is administered in a therapeutic dosage in the area to be treated, with the objective of optimizing and accelerating the restorative process naturally.   Dental Process In the dental field, a small blood sample is extracted from the arm some minutes before the dental procedure (Extraction, implants, gum surgery, apicectomy, gingivectomy, bone graft, gum graft, and others). This [...]

Gum Graft Post-Surgery Care

A gum graft surgery is a very common procedure, and there are a couple of tips we would like to share in order to guide you through the healing period. Since you will be under a sedative in order to help you relax and make the whole experience painless, you will be under its effects. It is a good idea to arrange for someone to drive you home after the surgery. For the first two weeks it is recommended that [...]

Three Types of Gum Grafts

Gum recession many times goes under the radar because it is a gradual process. However this condition can progress into advanced gum disease which affects up to a 12% of adults. The procedure used to correct this condition is called gum tissue graft. Your oral surgeon will resource to any of these three types of grafts depending on your specific needs and the condition of your gums. Free gingival grafts. Candidates for this type of grafts are those who have [...]

Gum Recession is Reversible

Gum recession is a very common problem, in fact it affects 4% -12% of the adult population and what is really a source of concern is that it practically goes unnoticed until it is very severe. Gum recession is the process wherein the tissue that surrounds your teeth pulls away thus exposing the tooth or even the tooth’s root. One of the most common signs of gum recession is sensitivity; if this condition goes unnoticed eventually it can damage [...]

Good-bye Gummy Smile!

What is a “gummy” smile? It is when your upper teeth appear to be smaller because there is an excessive outgrowth of gum tissue. Thus you will perceive that your upper teeth are too short when compared to the amount of gum tissue that you have. You are not alone, many Hollywood artists and even renowned Brazilian soccer player Ronaldinho had gummy teeth. Although this condition can affect the aesthetics of your smile it can easily be corrected. An excessive display [...]

Should You Invest in an Oral Irrigation System?

Oral irrigation consists of using a dental water jet that pulsates a stream of water in order to remove food debris and plaque. This home care system has been used to improve gingival health since it can reach below the gumline. The main point of using this device is to reduce harmful bacterial present in the mouth, thus it contributes to lower the chances and severity of periodontal disease. Everyone and anyone can make use of this device, however [...]

Brush Your Teeth, Save Your Heart

Currently in the United States the average deaths caused by cardiovascular disease is 600,000 people per year. And if these statistics do not impress you, on average the country spends $109 billion on deaths and illnesses associated with coronary heart disease. According to new study from Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, researchers have discovered the direct relation between having good oral hygiene and having a lower degree of artherosclerosis, a condition that exposes you to a [...]