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Prisma Dental Reviews

Durante los últimos años pacientes nos han dado sus testimonios sobre nuestro servicio y sus tratamientos dentales, por lo que nos gustaría compartirlos con usted. A continuación, puede echar un vistazo a algunos reviews de nuestros pacientes.
Nos preocupamos por nuestros pacientes y siempre trabajamos duro para satisfacer sus expectativas y proporcionarles una experiencia impresionante también. Podemos darle la solución dental que está buscando en la mayoría de conveniencia y precio asequible.

I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity to meet Dr. Thelma and Dr. Josef. I have never had such an amazing experience at any other dentist office in my life. They have taken such complete care of me from the first day I walked into their office. Their compassion and love of what they do shows through and trough. I will always be grateful for what they have done for my smile and will come back for all my dental needs. I truly look forward for my first visit and will spread my heartfelt gratitude to everyone I know!

Wanda Davis

Where do I start, what an amazing experience! With just two days I notice that Prisma fit me in. I came with the intention of a cleaning end exam and left without a wisdom tooth and bright white teeth. Everyone made me feel so welcome and comfortable. This has been hands down the best experience at the dentist. I want to come back just to see everybody. Dr. Thelma Rubinstein made me feel like family and Dr. Cordero performed a painless difficult surgery I had been scared to do. Thank you all! I will look the way of coming back to say hi!

Brian Cory

Thank you so much for your wonderful work as well as how incredibly nice you were with all my worries! The front teeth look great; I am so happy with your work!

Olga Angielov

This is our third trip here to come to Prisma Dental. Thelma and Joseph are wonderful people and better dentist everyone, is so professional and eager to make you feel comfortable during your dental procedures. We will always come back. Thanks Thelma and Josef. We love you!

Barry and Mitzi Lentz

What can I say from the very first call to the last visit: Perfection, the entire staff is awesome, professional and incredible. I know my teeth are as perfect as they can get.
I love Prisma!

Dan Mccarthy

In this dental office everyone makes a great work, they all are friendly, the office is clean, and if you want a great smile and a perfect tooth you need to come to Prisma Dental.

Terry R Clark

Josef and Telma- Thank you for all of your excellent work you have produced for my wife and I. You have devoted patients while we are here in Costa Rica. Everything is as fine as frog hair for me.

Mike Rose

This has been my 4th visit to Prisma and I couldn’t be happier. The quality of the dental work is super and the staff is cordial and professional. We have sent many friends from Atlanta to Prisma, and we will continue to recommend it.

Mike Sauter

What a team friendly, professional, kindly, etc.…Definitely happy of this great discovering. Stay like you are. Namaste.

Soudan Stanislas

What a nice way of meeting and making people feel at home, you people have…by smiling and by your extraordinary skillfulness and experience to bring a new smile to people. Thank you so much everyone and mostly to Dr. Joseph and Dr. Thelma.

Jules Lemieux

The dental work was excellent. The staff is very friendly and professional. Today was the birthday of the dentist and they brought me into their party. It was a very professional work and like a family feeling at the same time. All my amalgam (mercury) fillings were removed and replaced with composite ones. Safety is important for this work and it was done safely with the necessary equipment to remove all mercury gas from the room, etc. In the future I will be back here for dental work. Very satisfied!

Robert Cranson

Dr. Cordero and Dr Robinstein are absolutely amazing. Their work is impeccable and of the highest quality.
I’m absolutely delighted with my new smile! I had a full mouth restoration and now I have a beautiful and fantastic smile. It is truly life changing! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

R. Podberesky

I am very happy with my new smile! Dr. Telma worked very very hard on my teeth! She is a great artist. Prisma Dental is very professional and sanitary. My Empress Crown are beautiful. I would highly recommend her. Telma and Prisma Dental to anyone who wants quality work and beautiful results! Thank you Prisma Dental and Dr. Telma!

Mary G Richardson

Este trabajo que el doctor Josef ha hecho en mi boca es maravilloso y voy a decir esto: que Dios bendiga esas manos y todo su equipo. Ha sido una experiencia increíble para mi es algo que no esperaba pero me voy feliz y lo amo por su atención.

Migdalia Mouteto

I was referred to Prisma Dental by a friend. I must say that everything he told me was 100% true. Dr. Rubinstein is not only a true professional, she is a perfectionist! It is very clear that she takes tremendous pride in her work. The same can be said for Dr. Cordero! The staff are very helpful and also do a professional job!

Jeff Curtis

In two visits to Prisma Dental I have met some of the most amazing people I have ever met. They have done the best work on my smile that I didn’t think was possible. I would recommend Prisma Dental to anyone. Thank you to all at Prisma Dental.

Tom Bake

Three weeks ago I started on a journey when my home town dentist told me I needed a full mouth restauration. With advise from friends I found myself at Prisma. What an amazing adventure! A new country to explore. New friends to share life with and a new smile to live the rest of my life with. Thank to Telma and her staff for being so kind, professional and knowledgeable. I could not have been in better hands!

Dean Tripletl

I love Prisma! Until I started coming to Prisma I had never had a dental appointment without pain, without pinching and without swallowing a bunch of stuff I didn’t want in my stomach.

Linda Ostbyd

Thank you so much. It is nice to be able to smile again. The work you do is fantastic; this has changed my life. I can not thank you enough. I am so happy with the way everything turned out.

Bryan Woloshyn

I came to Costa Rica from Sarasota Florida for a medical trip. The doctors and staff here in Prisma Dental are wonderful. The office itself is immaculate. If I need more dental work, I assure you I am coming back here. Prisma Dental treated me like a queen. They have my highest recommendation. The work they did is fabulous and much much less costly than where I live.

Doris Brewer

Josef Cordero and Telma Rubinstein with their staff at Prisma Dental in Costa Rica are the best dentist in the entire world. They have been my dentist for over 25 years. They have totally cured my gum disease. Beside being very professional, they are really super great people. There is no way I can really express my love for them. Their daughter Nadine also a dentist, very amazing as their staff. They are highly efficient trained professionals. God bless them all!

David Strauss

Por más de 20 años viví con un gran complejo y aprendí a sonreír de un solo lado de mi cara para que la gente no notara que me faltaba pieza. Siendo una persona que por mi trabajo me dirijo a público muy a menudo esto era en realidad un problema.
El tener ahora este puente me devolvió la confianza y ya no tengo que estar forzando gestos incomodos al hablar en público y puedo olvidarme de esos complejos para siempre. Me veo y siento increíblemente mejor y me enorgullezco de mi boca de nuevo.

Jafet López

Dra. Telma, Dr Hernandez and everyone have been wonderful. This came in ensuring the highest quality results and special way everyone. Never makes me feel is wonderful and like nowhere else. I feel I have not only received top quality care but feel like one of this family, I am so glad I chose to come to Prisma Dental for this dental work. Best to everyone here.

William Yparlantis

Me siento muy satisfecha del servicio ofrecido por Prisma Dental, después de haber sufrido con varios dentistas, después de llegar a esta clínica siento que finalmente he recibido una atención verdaderamente profesional.
Mi último trabajo fue la reconstrucción de los 4 dientes de adelante que me quedaron preciosos, muy naturales, del color exacto.
Muchas gracias por el excelente trato, la paciencia y la dedicación en su servicio.
¡Me despido con una enorme sonrisa!

Lena González R.

Doctor Telma Rubinstein was very thorough, she carefully examined the work that needed to be done with my teeth. She is kind and knows what is good for me. Again, for the second time I am happy with the result. Thank you for keeping me smiling. Thank you Telma and Jose and the team for a wonderful job.

Rommelo Jose

Doctors Rubinstein and Cordero are truly exceptional at their profession. They not only do excellent dental work they also show and have concern and compassion for each patient they see. The procedure I had was complex and the outcome was everything I could have hoped for. You can find many dentists in Costa Rica, but if you want the best quality at great price, you have found your place. The addition of the daughter of Drs. Cordero and Rubinstein to the practice as a new dentist makes this team even better.

Douglas Mulder

The teamwork and professionalism of the entire staff is awesome. Staff is friendly, extremely well trained and doesn’t waste time. Excellence comes from leadership at the top. Dr. Rubinstein & Dr. Cordero are tops!
I won’t go anywhere else, EVER!

Janet Park

My dental work at Prisma commenced in August 2014 when all of the lower implants were installed. I returned on March 25, 2015 to have a complete set of lower crowns placed, as well as upper implants. To date all of the work and attention has been nothing short of superb. As a professional engineer I have been very impressed with the level of team cohesiveness: they all work so well together to produce superb results.

William Ambrose Johnson

A mis doctores que me acompañaron desde niña y ahora en un momento que marca mi vida. Gracias por todas las atenciones y sonrisas cada vez que cruzaba la puerta. Que sus manos sigan siendo bendecidas.
Mucha luz y cariños para todo el equipo de Prisma.

Angélica Bermúdez Muñoz

My experience at Prisma Dental was far from amazing. I came here from California in the United States because I’ve read a lot of great things about this place. I seriously could not be happier with the decision I made. My smile looks amazing! I am so happy; I can actually go around smiling instead of feeling insecure about my teeth. Everyone here helped me in every step at the way, they are fantastic! I will be referring all my friends to this place it really is the best! I can’t thank you guys enough I’m so happy to be able to smile and laugh now!

Malissa Aiton

Very pleased with the outcome Thelma worked great to make sure my teeth hooked and fit excellent. Talked me into three front veneers I wasn’t sure about but I’m very happy with outcome. Dr. Joseph I was very Impressed with his knowledge and skills, my surgery went excellent will recommend them to all my friends, thank you very much.

Brett Williams

It was an awesome experience coming to Prisma Dental for a full month restoration: Everyone was very friendly and I am in love of Dr. Thelma. She is a talented and gifted dentist who transformed my “ugly” smile into a beautiful one with awesome teeth. I will recommend this carrying to anyone with dental needs. Best wishes to all the personal at Prisma Dental.

Harvey Harms

Prisma Dental is very good and always accommodating. They pick me up at the hotel and drive me off. I always make plans to visit when I am in Costa Rica on vacation.

Scott Kropel

PRISMA THE BEST DENTIST OFFICE IN THE WORLD! I love Thelma Rubenstein. She’s the best dentist that I ever have met and the best dentist in Costa Rica. It may sound weird or unusual yet I love going to Prisma Dental because I always feel comfortable. Thelma has a warm energy and when she touches me I feel that she heals me. The Prisma office is the nicest dentist office in the world, its clean, full of light and full of professional friendly workers. Thelma always does a good job and fixes me right. So its worth taking a flight to come to her. Do not go anywhere else, you will waste your money and time. Its best just go to Prisma Dental and see Thelma. She’ll know what to do to fix your teeth. So far the best dentist office in the world, the nicest, cleanest, most professional, and friendliest go to Prisma Dental. I can breathe here. Other dentist offices I can’t even breathe. At Prisma they are so friendly and nice and will try to make you feel comfortable no matter what your situation. I’ve gone to Thelma for the last 8 years or more and I can say from repeat business visits that they are the best in the world!! Work more professional and nice than in the U.S.A… Also all the employees are good with English! Would give them more than five stars reading review. Thank you Thelma, Nadine, Joanne and all the countless others who have helped my teeth at Prisma. Testimony: Thelma did porcelain crustations that turned out excellent! I just love coming to see Thelma. Another thing I love about Prisma is how you feel like all the employees are treated well and happy to be working there. I can feel the love and respect that they all have for each other. Also I appreciate the advanced technology they use like porcelain and enjoy my time more while they work on my teeth.
Prisma is fit for kings and presidents yet they also have a big heart for humanity and they are awesome! I feel like we the public are honored to come here and get such amazing dentisty treatments…we are lucky that Prisma serves the regular working people.

Natalie Lyna

May all the people at Prisma and Especially Thelma be blessed with good health and happiness so they make keep helping everyone in such an awesome way like they do!
I really appreciate their professionalism, amazing office (the nicest I ever have been in). I tell everyone how awesome Thelma is and how I look forward to going to the Dentist! I give Prisma dental the highest recommendations…also Thelma made totally new teeth for my friend Scotty and it made him soy happy. He kept saying “I love my new teeth!!” Thelma did such a great job, and he saved like $20,000 having it done at Prisma in Costa Rica instead of doing it in the U.S.A.


Totalmente convencida de tener unos dientes increíbles después del tratamiento dental en Prisma. Muchas gracias por hacerme tanto bien.

Camila Sánchez R

My Profession is a mechanic, which I have been employed for 33 years. I realized Quality Repairs with attention to detail! I have received excellent service from Dr. Thelma Rubinstein. I felt I was being cared for as a member of her family. Thelma is extremely proud of her skill, she is an artist. Her assistant Joanne is extremely talented and one of the most compassionate persons who has ever cared for me. If you need dental works this team is the best.

Michael Hersey & Johanna Sánchez

My three-year relationship with Prisma Dental has been a truly great experience! Their excellent facilities, warm and competent start and amazing Mr. Thelma Rubenstein make everything work so very well. My total mouth restauration with crowns, etc has been a great experience. Bravo Prisma

Dennis Clark

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