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Medical Tourism in Costa Rica

Why should you consider traveling to Costa Rica to obtain dental work?

Money, time and quality of workmanship are all part of the answer to that question to practice Medical Tourism in Costa Rica.
Everyone wants to get the best value for their money and that is what they find here at Prisma Dental. Our patients receive the ultimate in work and quality for their money at Prisma Dental.
Many of our patients find that the cost for a trip that combines dental work and a vacation to beautiful Costa Rica is less than what they would pay for dental work alone elsewhere. Everyone considers their time important and here at Prisma Dental you can have a large amount of work done in a short period of time because of our on-site lab and the fact that we schedule patients for blocks of time.
Medical tourism in Costa Rica is an excellent option for you.

Medical Tourism
Medical Tourism

Costa Rica is a very peaceful country that has enjoyed a stable economy for a long time.
All of the dentists at Prisma Dental speak English as does much of the staff.
Additionally, in the tourist sector of Costa Rica, English is widely spoken.

Ready for your trip to Costa Rica?

For example, patients who are obtaining crowns, veneers, or full mouth restorations come to Prisma Dental to receive the first portion of their dental care. They then have a few days to a week to go enjoy the Pacific or Caribbean beaches, the rain forests, or the cloud forests before returning for their remaining dental work.
The quality of work you will receive at Prisma Dental is equal to or surpasses the work you could find elsewhere. Our patients receive the best materials used in high-tech dentistry at Prisma Dental. The highly competent team of dental specialists here at Prisma Dental are unrivalled for the excellence of the work they perform.
Many visitors go home from Costa Rica with typical souvenirs of coffee and t-shirts. The radiant new smile of our patients is the best souvenir they have ever brought home from any trip!

Medical Tourism Costa Rica Beach
Medical Tourism Costa Rica
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