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High-Quality and Precise Lab Work

Our Dental Lab saves you time and money!

The on-site location of our dental lab allows us to maintain the highest quality, precision, aesthetics, and meticulous supervision of all lab work. At Prisma’s Lab we ensure the promptness of all dental work, without sacrificing quality. The swift service of our on-site lab means our patients have fewer visits, less stress, and it takes less of their valuable time. And compared to dental services in the States, where aesthetic work can take months, you can have your new smile in a matter of days!.
Our on-site dental laboratory truly differentiates us from our peers. This unique resource allows Doctors Cordero & Rubinstein and their master dental technicians to confer personally on-site about each patient’s case. This results in exceedingly successful results in our patients’ restorations due to improved communication between the doctor and the laboratory. Prisma Lab has over 16 years of tradition and quality in producing crowns, bridges, prosthesis, retainers, zirconium crowns, implant abutments, custom made posts, dentures, partials, bleaching trays, and mouth guards.
In our on-site lab, now we have the latest technology in tooth restoration, from Germany to Costa Rica: Same-day crowns are now an option at Prisma Dental. Crown confection normally takes hours to make by dental technicians in a dental lab. Advanced dental technology known as CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing) dental makes precise crowns in minutes. It’s an amazing innovation! Before, crowns took two or three visits to obtain and sometimes weeks. Now, you can have the tooth restored without waiting.
Studies have shown that CAD/CAM crowns are just as successful as crowns created conventionally with traditional materials and techniques. They look and feel like natural teeth, no one will know the tooth has been restored.

Prisma Dental Lab
Prisma Dental Lab

Benefits of our Dental Lab Services

  • Full Service

    Our full service on-site dental laboratory helps us provide Costa Rica’s highest levels of cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry and aesthetic restorative dentistry. Most dental practices do not have a lab of any size.

  • Team Approach

    Doctors and technicians work side by side at each step of every restoration, which is critical to our dental health care team approach and the highly personalized patient care that is at the heart of our treatment philosophy.

  • Collaboration

    The doctors are able to oversee the design, choice of materials and fabrication at every step of every restoration made in our dental lab, helping to assure the creation is exactly as envisioned.

  • Time Saver

    Most dental practices frequently send the final restorations back to the off-site lab for minor adjustments, which require additional patient visits. At Prisma Dental, finishing touches can be applied to the final restoration while the patient waits.

  • Talented Technicians

    Staffed by a large team of dedicated, highly talented technicians, employing the finest quality materials and the most advanced technology and equipment, our world-class lab serves our doctors and our patients exclusively.

  • Expertise

    The technicians are able to offer their input and expertise chair-side as “smile design” decisions (such as color matching, tooth shapes and tooth positions, which affect the appearance of the lips and the face) are made between the doctor, the patient and the technician.

  • Workmanship

    When crowns, veneers, implants, bridges or any dental restorations are entrusted to an outside lab, the likelihood of error in design or workmanship increases.

  • Cost Savings

    In an emergency, our on-site lab is right there to perform repairs of broken restorations, such as dentures, bridges and crowns. In most cases, repairs can be done quickly and at minimal cost. Repairs at outside labs require additional visits, often at significant cost to the patient.

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