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Gum graft (gingival graft)

Gum grafts are recommended for teeth with receding gums. Receding gums are due mainly to abrasion (hard brushing) and can lead to higher risks of decay and sensitivity. Gum graft can be done with your own tissue or alloderm.

There are 3 main types of gum graft procedure:
• Free gingival graft
• Connective tissue graft
• Pellicle (lateral) graft

Our periodontist, Dr. Nadine Cordero will discuss these options with you and make their recommendation based on your individual needs.

How much does a gum graft cost?

The prices vary depending on the type of procedure done.

What should I expect on the gum graft healing?

You should be fully healed from a gum graft in two weeks. After about two weeks, you should be able to brush and floss again. Full healing of the area of the graft may take a month or more depending on your overall health and how well you take care of your mouth during recovery.

Gum Grafts
Gum Surgery

Periodontal Plastic Surgery

This field includes all surgical esthetics involved in dental implants and gums. This includes gum grafts, esthetic crown lengthening for “gummy smile”, thickening of tissue surrounding implants or bridge pontics to make them appear more natural.
Periodontal plastic surgery is done by our expert in periodontal surgery and microsurgery, Dr. Nadine Cordero.

How long do I need to be in Costa Rica for Periodontal Plastic Surgery?

It’s a minimally invasive surgery with immediate results. Esthetic crown lengthening like gum grafts are single appointments that do not require more than one seating to achieve the desired outcome.
More information? Call our toll-free number and speak directly with our specialist if your seeking any of these treatments or others regarding your gums.

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