Holistic Dentistry at Prisma Dental in Costa Rica

Holistic Dentistry in Costa Rica

Holistic vision aims to comprehend the human body as a whole, in which all of its parts have their own purpose and cannot function without either one of them. Each part needs to be seen as a compliment to the wholeness of the body. Also known as alternative, biological, or neurofocal approach, holistic dentistry is in charge of the diagnosis of oral disease as a consequence of the relationship with the rest of the body.

Holistic dentistry states that an oral disease can cause a direct impact in the organism health in general. As holistic dentistry seeks the integral cure of the human body through oral cavity, the methods and materials used in dental treatments must be the correct ones to achieve this healing of the body.

The materials that are thought to have the most negative effect on people´s health are those that derive from metals which are not biocompatible with the organism. For example, mercury fillings and other metals used in different procedures.