Removable Dentures in San Jose, Costa Rica

If you’re missing one or more teeth, at Prisma Dental in San Jose, we know that dentures may be the smile-rejuvenating solution you’ve been looking for. Not only does this type of dental prosthetic restore your ability to speak and chew effectively, it also gives you a natural-looking smile while restoring facial structure that can be lost following tooth extraction.

There are two types of dentures patients can choose from: partial and complete.

Partial dentures offer several benefits, including the fact that they’re easy to clean and offer a shape, texture, and shade that are custom-made to suit your smile. These dentures are often held in place by clasps that attach to a patient’s surrounding teeth.

Complete dentures, on the other hand, replace a full arch of teeth. They are held in place by suction and are easily removed for cleaning purposes.

How should you care for dentures?

As with your natural teeth, these prosthetics require diligent, regular oral hygiene care. It’s important to clean them thoroughly after meals with warm water, a denture or soft-bristle toothbrush, and a denture cleaner. It’s especially important to use a light touch with partial dentures, especially while cleaning under the clasps, and to clear away any plaque from your gums with a clean cloth and warm water. And should you have remaining teeth, ensuring that you carefully brush and floss them, as well, is vital to keeping them healthy.

Are you considering dentures to replace one or more missing teeth? Call our friendly and capable team today and we’ll be happy to arrange a thorough consultation!


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