Teeth Whitening in San Jose, Costa Rica

One of the most in-demand cosmetic dental procedures in dentistry today, teeth whitening can help you achieve a brighter, whiter smile while also improving your appearance, boosting your self-confidence, and even benefitting your career aspirations!

A white smile is associated with health and success, and at Prisma Dental in San Jose, we know that professional teeth whitening is a great way to remove stains, discoloration, and yellowing that can happen over time. And depending on whether you choose in-office or at-home treatments, you can see results in as little as one session!


Is everyone a candidate for professional teeth whitening?

Almost anyone can be a candidate for professional teeth whitening. Patients should have healthy teeth and gums and be in good overall health to be considered a viable candidate for this treatment.

Are these treatments safe?

Yes! We use professional, highly concentrated whitening agents that yield impressive, quick, and reliable results, all while keeping your teeth and gums safe throughout treatment.

How old should someone be to have their teeth whitened?

Once a patient’s teeth are fully developed, they may be a viable candidate for whitening treatment. For the most part, after childhood, almost anyone can benefit from this service!

Are you considering whitening your smile? Call Prisma Dental today and our friendly team will be happy to discuss the whitening option that will best suit your needs!


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  • Brighten your teeth by multiple shades
  • Whiten teeth safely, quickly, & effectively
  • Choose from in-office and at-home whitening
  • Avoid sensitivity issues that can arise with over-the-counter whitening products
  • Boost your confidence!

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