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A good night sleep is essential for a restful body. If you suffer sleep apnea or you’re a frequent snorer you understand how precious a sleep is. Snoring can affect one’s sleep and the sleep of the loved ones. Therasnore is a custom one-piece mouth guard looking appliance to stop snoring. Since the first night you worn, Therasnore stops snoring the sleep apnea.
Therasnore has a big advantage of being adjustable. It’s job is to hold the mandible forward opening the airway allowing more air to enter. More air equals less snore. There are five different settings and it is self-fitting which makes it simple and easy to wear. It adjusts to both upper and lower jaw. Therasnore is created with soft materials to enhance comfort, avoid lesions caused by rough spots.
If you suffer from mild sleep apnea or have a snoring problem, this device is for you. Prisma Dental is the only clinic in Costa Rica to offer Therasnore. We highly recommend it, if you don’t like wearing a jaw strap or feel worried about how you look next to your partner while you are sleeping. Therasnore is discreet.
Just simply place it in your mouth before going to sleep and remove it in the morning. It is easy to place, remove and clean.


Therasnore is FDA approved

  1. Ajustable
  2. Can be used the exact day as the fitting
  3. Easy to maintain and keep clean
  4. 95% compliance rate
  5. Available in 3 different sizes to allow precise fit and extra confort
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