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Zirconium Crowns

Zirconium oxide is the latest material to be adapted by modern dentistry. The introduction of this material in restorative and prosthetic dentistry is made possible by computerized dentistry technology in use at Prisma Dental, and is a decisive step towards the use of full ceramics.
Zirconium oxide has very high strength and corrosion resistance. With new zirconium crown techniques, we can also eliminate the problem of exposed metal crown margins in the older, porcelain-fused-to-metal technique.

Why are Zirconium Crowns recommended?

  1. The zirconium crown has a beautiful white frame, which replaces the normal metal or gold frames.
  2. The crown is bio-compatible with human tissues and does not cause allergies which can occur (although not often) with metal-based crowns.
  3. It has excellent aesthetic qualities due to the absence of metal. Metal content in porcelain crowns can cause small aesthetic imperfections resulting from transparency and light refractability.
  4. The crowns are made with precision accuracy, with the help of a laser scanner and a computer.
  5. The zirconium oxide frame is thinner than the metal frames, meaning we will prepare less of the external structure of your teeth.
  6. Hygienically, the zirconium crowns retain less plaque and calculus than base metal frame crowns, promoting healthier gums.
zirconium crowns
Zirconium Crowns

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