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Gum Graft Post-Surgery Care

A gum graft surgery is a very common procedure, and there are a couple of tips we would like to share in order to guide you through the healing period. Since you will be under a sedative in order to help you relax and make the whole experience painless, you will be under its effects. It is a good idea to arrange for someone to drive you home after the surgery. For the first two weeks it is recommended that [...]

Chewing Your Way to Perfect Health

You might have Heard that the perfect number of times to chew food is 100, this is because the late health guru from the 1800’s attributed his good health , strength and endurance due to this practice. In order to make most of properly chewing your food you do not need to be this strict since the amount of chewing that a certain type of food requires will intrinsically depend on the texture. It is highly recommended that you eat [...]

Beware of Biting More than What You Can Chew

Many of us live hectic lives packed with a schedule and appointments that allow little or no time to enjoy our meals. We also eat out of the box too many times per week and many of us chew more food than it is naturally comfortable for our mouths. Chewing food properly is the natural way that your body can make most of the nutrients available at a meal. The simple and mechanical process of chewing breaks down the particles [...]

Floss like a Boss with Water

Dental floss as we know it was first invented in 1815 by Levi Spear Parmly who recommended patients to use silk floss in order to clean teeth thoroughly. The dental water jet or oral irrigator was first developed in 1962 as a joint effort from a dentist and an engineer to take the removal of plaque to a whole new level. Nowadays you can find oral irrigators at drugstores and online for a very affordable price and the benefits are simply [...]

Prolonged Breastfeeding Can Cause Cavities

Breastfeeding is the universal symbol of motherhood, it conjures up the the images of warmth and that otherworldly bubble where mother and child connect not only physically but also emotionally. But is too much of a good thing bad? So it seems. According to researchers at the University of Califormia, half of the children that are being breastfed after the age of 2 may develop caries. In a study conducted in Brazil it was found that around 40% of [...]

Do You Need Braces?

Braces are recommended if you are experiencing: [star_list] [list_item] Crowding This is one of the most common situations that are seen nowadays; when milk teeth come off and the new set of permanent teeth erupt, these teeth will come in different size. Since they are bigger, usually they will occupy more space and many times there is not enough space for them to erupt correctly. For this reason, usually a recommended age for orthodontics is between the ages of 10-14. [/list_item] [list_item] Open Bite This happens [...]

Tooth Extraction AfterCare

We have mentioned in one of our earlier posts about the ways you can speed up the healing process after a tooth extraction. Tooth extractions are performed for a variety of reasons ranging from extensive tooth decay to the need to create more space within the mouth, which is a common scenario when a patient is going for an orthodontic treatment. Some of the most common indications by dentists after the extraction is done include antibiotics and not to rub the [...]

Why Biocompatible Materials Are Used in Dentistry?

For those of you who have food allergies you know that there are certain types of foods which your body will react to. What creates an allergic reaction in you, whether it is peanuts, seafood, pollen or soybeans will not elicit the same type of reaction on someone else. This happens also when you have dental work, there are some materials that are placed in your mouth that your immune system might react to. Here is where the term “dental [...]

Celiac Disease and Oral Symptoms

Sensitivity to gluten is one of those diseases which have caught the attention of the public until quite recently. For many years it went under the radar since it was unusual to think that your daily bread could be causing you fatigue, depression or anxiety, osteoporosis, arthritis, joint pain, dermatitis and even miscarriages. Our modern diet practically has gluten in every processed food we consume and it is also present in vitamins, creams and even lip-balms. Celiac disease is a [...]

How to Care for Dog´s Teeth

Your buddy, your most faithful companion and canine ally can also suffer from gingivitis, plaque, tartar and other dental complications. Although you can actively be a participant in your own oral health, dogs cannot and the freshness of their breath will depend on how good you take care of them. Luckily maintaining a dog´s mouth clean is easy and actually quite simple, however some training might be needed. [star_list] [list_item] Dogs need to have their teeth brushed, too. Brushing your dog´s teeth might [...]