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Thirty Seconds is Enough for Permanent Enamel Damage

In earlier articles we mentioned how the PH in drinks can silently sneak into the the nooks and crannies in your teeth damaging your enamel. Lately dental researchers have discovered that many of the traditional soft drinks, sports drinks, fruit juice and other drinks with a high level of acidity present a “triple-threat” that can cause permanent damage in children´s teeth. These group of researchers have been able to demonstrate that within just thirty seconds of acid attack, the effects [...]

HIV Patients Have Unique Oral Health Concerns

HIV-positive patients have a compromised immunity system, and in terms of oral health what has been found is that even when dental hygiene is at its best, tooth decay and gum disease as well as yeast, bacteria and viruses prevail. In the hope of shining some light upon this situation, Dr. José A. Vazquez, Chief of the Chief of the Section of Infectious Diseases at the Medical College of Georgia at Georgia Regents University has been conducting a study. [...]

Chewing Your Way to Perfect Health

You might have Heard that the perfect number of times to chew food is 100, this is because the late health guru from the 1800’s attributed his good health , strength and endurance due to this practice. In order to make most of properly chewing your food you do not need to be this strict since the amount of chewing that a certain type of food requires will intrinsically depend on the texture. It is highly recommended that you eat [...]

Beware of Biting More than What You Can Chew

Many of us live hectic lives packed with a schedule and appointments that allow little or no time to enjoy our meals. We also eat out of the box too many times per week and many of us chew more food than it is naturally comfortable for our mouths. Chewing food properly is the natural way that your body can make most of the nutrients available at a meal. The simple and mechanical process of chewing breaks down the particles [...]

Prolonged Breastfeeding Can Cause Cavities

Breastfeeding is the universal symbol of motherhood, it conjures up the the images of warmth and that otherworldly bubble where mother and child connect not only physically but also emotionally. But is too much of a good thing bad? So it seems. According to researchers at the University of Califormia, half of the children that are being breastfed after the age of 2 may develop caries. In a study conducted in Brazil it was found that around 40% of [...]

Does Your Dental Insurance Cover Your Needs?

For Prisma Dental, it is always hard to read articles like: “Why American dental insurance is so unspeakably awful”. The above article describes the experience of Wendell Potter, a typical American woman who had a negative experience going to the dentist since childhood. This led her to avoid going to the dentist as an adult unless it was extremely necessary and sometimes even extremely painful. Last fall an excruciating tooth pain forced her to go back to the dentist. [...]

Toothache That Kills

We have all experienced toothaches during the course of our lives, sometimes the cause is trauma, many times it is due to decay reaching the tooth´s root. Sometimes a toothache simply disappears on its own and other times it will have us racing to our dentist´s office after we have tried every single trick under our sleeves. But did you know that sometimes a simple and common toothache can actually be dangerous enough to kill you? An untreated tooth abscess is [...]

Good-bye Healthy Teeth?

Having perfectly healthy teeth removed might sound like the worse idea possible since our natural teeth are as valuable as family treasures, after all once your milk teeth fall off you develop only one set of permanent teeth which are meant to last for a life-time. So why would someone in their right frame of mind allow their healthy teeth to be removed? And what’s more, who would recommend having them pulled out? Pulling out healthy teeth is a common [...]

Beyond Aesthetics

Flashing a new smile is more than just being picture perfect, an interesting new research shows that around 9.7 million of people in England with bad teeth think that it has a negative impact in their lives. This figure represents approximately 70% of the 14 million who report to have bad teeth, and it represents a third of the whole population. These are major numbers, and what is even more mind boggling is that one third of the population is subject [...]

Imagine Your Life With a Bright New Smile

Loosing one or more teeth can have a huge impact in various areas of your life, including emotional, psychological and social. Reports have shown that some will prefer to stay at home on a Friday night because they do not want to put themselves in situations wherein they feel ashamed because of their teeth. Others will go ahead and accept jobs that are not up to their expectations only because they feel inadequate and are not confident about their [...]