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Top Trends in Dentistry

[star_list] [list_item] Aesthetics is the New Definition of Beauty We have come a long way, back in the 1960ś the main concern was tooth decay and tooth loss and although dentists did perform bridge and crown restorations it was far from the full-mouth restorations that are so common nowadays. Nowadays cosmetic dentistry is practically the norm and patients have high expectations, they want to be able to flash a new smile in practically no time and without a trace of pain and discomfort. [...]

The Importance of Monitoring Your Implants

You have gone through great lengths to have your implants, some of you might even have decided to travel abroad to have this important procedure done. Now that you are back home, what should you do? A dental hygienist is the key for the effective maintenance of your dental implants, and it is advisable that even when you had your procedures done abroad, to get in touch with a dental hygienist in your area so that your [...]

Top 4 Reasons Why You Rush to See Your Dentist

Visiting your dentist for routine check-up is still one area that for most of us mere mortals need improvement and does not come to us naturally. We still prefer to rush to a dentist’s office when one of the following happens: [star_list] [list_item] Toothache Yes, the legendary and almost mythical toothache, it is so common and it starts with just a small dot of tooth decay. Who could ever believe that your small tooth could provoke the type of pain that has the [...]

When Do You Need a Root Canal?

Many will agree that there is no pain like a tooth pain that shoots directly through the nerves; this ache can be so severe it may seem that your head or surrounding area will explode… literally! What is even more interesting is that many adults have no idea that they have extensive tooth decay until that pain forces them to visit the nearest dentist. Only to discover afterwards that a root canal will be necessary. But before you rush [...]

What is a Complex Tooth Extraction?

A simple tooth extraction is referred to the procedure of removing a tooth which has an upright position and the process of extruding it is considered to be “simple”. A complex tooth extraction will encompass all the other types of extractions wherein the process is not as straightforward as prying on a tooth and pulling it out. In fact, teeth have a myriad ways to position themselves and in order to take them out many times surgery is needed. [...]

Toxic Mercury Lurking in Your Mouth

Amalgam fillings have been around since the 1830´s and although it was known that mercury vapors were hazardous to health, the whole concept of bonding mercury with other metals such as silver, tin, copper and zinc was to make mercury inert and thus safe to use. Mercury fillings can release mercury vapor, which in small amounts should not pose any threat to health. However, in many cases patients do not have an amalgam filling in just one tooth, most [...]

Biocompatible Fillings

If you suspect that you are allergic to mercury and decide to have your fillings removed, will that be the end of the story? So what are some of the important considerations you need to take when you decide to finally get rid of your amalgam fillings? It all starts with visiting your dentist to have a good overview of the state of all your fillings. If there are amalgam fillings that cover a relatively large part of a [...]

Beyond Aesthetics

Flashing a new smile is more than just being picture perfect, an interesting new research shows that around 9.7 million of people in England with bad teeth think that it has a negative impact in their lives. This figure represents approximately 70% of the 14 million who report to have bad teeth, and it represents a third of the whole population. These are major numbers, and what is even more mind boggling is that one third of the population is subject [...]

The Psychology behind a Lost Tooth

Losing one or more teeth can have a deep impact both physically and psychologically. According to the Silberg Center for Dental Science, approximately 30% of the working or retired U.S population is either missing a tooth or a number of teeth. This loss will eventually control the decisions we take on certain areas of life including jobs that we choose, the food we eat and even the friends we make. Although it might sound too serious to be true, [...]

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Third molars, popularly known as wisdom teeth are often “impacted” which means that they do not come out straight or might half erupt. Depending on various factors, such as the space available for them to accommodate, the size of the jaw of the patient and the positioning of nearby teeth it is necessary to extract them. Many times we have mentioned the term of “impacted molars” but we seldom know that there are various types of impaction. In fact there [...]