Why dental treatment in Costa Rica

Why dental treatment at Prisma Dental in Costa Rica?

For more than 30 years we have worked with thousands of patients from around the globe at our clinic here in the beautiful Costa Rica.

More than 80% of our clients travel from North America and Europe, while other travel from all over the world for our dental services and it’s because we like to offer a personalized approach to planning for wellness, stressing care and concern for individual choices.

These are some reasons for you to choose Prisma Dental in Costa Rica:

The quality of the work you will receive here at Prisma Dental is equal to or surpasses the work at other world-class clinics elsewhere. We make sure to provide our patients the best results, achieving in the process great looking smiles and our customer’s satisfaction.

Due to our commitment to provide an excellent quality service, we’ve been awarded time and time again, by prestigious organizations.

Our team has placed more than 50.000 implants within 32 years of experience. Our success rate is among the highest for these procedures (98%). Our team is always in constant training to be on top of the worldwide dentistry tendencies. Let our experience talk by itself.

At Prisma Dental we provide our patients with the best materials used in high-tech dentistry. The highly competent team of dental specialists here are unrivalled for the excellence of the work they perform. We would like you to know more about our technology and facilities.

Our patients find that the cost for a trip that combines dental work and vacations to beautiful Costa Rica is up to 60% less expensive than what they would pay for dental work alone elsewhere.

For example, patients who need dentals implants, crowns, veneers, or full mouth restorations come to our clinic to receive the first portion of their dental care. Then they have a few days off to go and enjoy the Pacific or Caribbean beaches, the rain forests, or the cloud forests before returning to finish the last portion of their treatment. After including airplane tickets, hotels, car rentals, food, beverages and the treatment itself , their final cost would be half of just the dental work in the U.S.

We also offer an individualized approach for every patient at our practice, meeting their individual dental needs and desires, both large and small. We offer a variety of price ranges for our different services to assure the most affordable price.