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Welcome to Prisma Dental

“Changing lives, on smile at a time!”

We are a modern, state-of the-art, and comprehensive dental clinic that is able to respond expertly and effectively to all your dental needs: established in 1986, pioneers in dental tourism to Costa Rica, in house-lab, and experts in dental implants, full mouth restorations, cosmetic dentistry and periodontal treatment. We look forward to welcoming you to our clinic and beautiful country.

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First and foremost, we are family, your family.

We love our job and we share that passion with our guests, that is why most of them come to us by word of mouth recommendations. Believe us! We are proud to share our review book with you.
Are we the best dentists around? Well, we have a couple of fun stories we would like to share with you about that, read them, and we’ll let you decide.

Our patients love our work.
Click here to read our review book.

Why put your smile in our hands?

Our services:

  • Dental Implants

    At Prisma Dental we strive to give you the best quality and affordable dental implants.
    We do the procedures faster than anyone, relying on our on-site-lab and dental depot.
    Learn more about dental implants in Costa Rica.

  • Cosmetic Dentistry

    We know how important is your smile; we can make your teeth look revitalized, whiter and shaped as you wish.
    There are no impossibles, we will work with passion and professionalism to make sure you leave Costa Rica smiling with confidence.
    Learn more about cosmetic dentistry and smile design.

  • General Dentistry

    At Prisma Dental we are honored to assist you with prevention and the necessary treatments for your oral health.
    Our experienced dentists will use the best dental technology available to treat you with comfort and professionalism.
    Learn more about general dentistry.

  • Full Mouth Restoration

    Also called full mouth reconstruction, Dr Telma can turn your smile into an artwork.
    We accompany you throughout all the process, providing care, answers and a permanent solution.
    Learn more about full mouth restoration in Costa Rica.

  • Orthodontic

    Do you have crooked or crowded teeth? We will improve your smile and your oral health.
    We use the best technology to achieve perfect results all the time.
    Learn more about orthodontic dentistry and Invisalign® at Prisma Dental.

  • Oral Surgery

    Our oral surgeons provide top-notch treatments for patients of all ages, focused on care and results.
    We provide a full array of services, from wisdom tooth removal to bone grafting and more.
    Learn more about oral surgery.

Beautiful Costa Rica

Our dental clinic is located in Costa Rica, a small and peaceful country in the heart of Central America, just a couple of hours flight away from the US.

Unlike other countries, Costa Rica enjoys a very stable political climate and economic development, providing our guests with a tranquil setting for their stay.
We are known for our peaceful way of life, love of nature, good education, world class professionals and our kind and friendly manners.
We call ourselves “Ticos” and now we are family.
Affordable dentistry in Costa Rica
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