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You have made a conscious decision to floss, brush, and have regular cleanings, and you’ve implemented a good oral home care regimen. In short, you have done all the right things for your oral health! But your smile is just not quite as dazzling as you would like it to be. Now is the time to do something nice for yourself – you’ve earned it! We’re your cosmetic dentist office and we’re here to help!

Bonding & Veneers – Increasing numbers of adults are improving the appearance and function of their teeth with bonding and veneers. We often correct cracked, chipped, or unevenly spaced teeth using this favourite of dentists practising “cosmetic dentistry.”

Crowns – We can repair severely damaged teeth with crowns, giving them the support they need and a beautiful, natural appearance.

Bridges & implants – These provide astonishingly natural-looking cosmetic dentistry teeth replacements that will return your smile to its original beauty.

We want you to know that your smile can radiate the health you feel. Reward yourself ... ask us about how we can help you to get the dental fix for your teeth to achieve your best smile possible... Healthy, vibrant, and natural!


Meet The Doctors

Pioneers in Medical Tourism, Dr. Telma Rubinstein and Dr. Josef Cordero Pinczanski recognized a need in 1985 and set out to fill it. Travelers to their native Costa Rica wanted access to lower-priced dental care than could be found at home, and they could provide it with excellence. Under their leadership, which has spanned over three decades, Prisma Dental has grown to include dental specialists, an on-site dental lab and dental supply company, and offers the full range of treatments you want and deserve for your smile.