All-on-6 in San Jose, Costa Rica

If you’re missing an entire jaw of teeth because of decay, gum disease, injury, or another reason, at Prisma Dental we know that All-on-6 treatment may be your perfect smile-restoration solution.

Patients who are interested in this treatment will undergo a thorough assessment by one of our implant experts, Dr. Josef Cordero or Dr. Nadine Cordero will receive an in-depth, customized treatment plan. Should a patient decide to proceed with treatment, we’ll schedule an appointment to place six titanium implants and create a temporary denture to utilize while the implants anchor to the jawbone. After approximately four to six months, we’ll assess the implants and, assuming they’ve anchored well, a permanent denture will be attached to them.

It’s important to note that patients who are interested in this treatment require adequate bone levels, so we encourage you to call our office today to arrange an appointment to determine whether or not you’re a candidate. Should we have concerns about your bone loss, it may be possible for you to undergo bone grafting to make All-on-6 treatment possible.

If you’re considering this procedure or have questions related to how it may benefit your smile, call us today! We’ll be happy to arrange a consultation and discuss whether it’s the right smile-restoring option for you.


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  • Rejuvenate your smile & bolster your confidence
  • Restore an entire upper and/or lower jaw of missing teeth
  • Strengthen your jawbone with a series of dental implants
  • Enjoy a variety of foods again
  • Restore your facial structure!