What you need to know about All on 6 at Prisma Dental


All-on-6 dental treatment is an advanced technique for restoring entire upper or lower missing teeth with fixed dentures supported by six implants. It’s similar to All-on-4 treatment but with 2 more implants for major support. It saves time and reduces discomfort associated with traditional implants. It’s an excellent option for patients that wear removable dentures or have lost their teeth due to gum disease, injury or other reasons.

What is done?
The process is simple. Once the treatment plan is created, based on the initial consultation, dental implants are inserted a temporary denture is given while implants integrate. And 4-6 months later, the permanent teeth are placed over the implants.

Our experience
Our implant expert, Dr. Josef Cordero has placed over 5000 dental implants successfully. Our certified technicians in the Prisma Dental Lab prepare the denture, which is put in place on the same day as theimplant surgery. Patients leave with great satisfaction of new teeth that they can use to smile, talk and eat with full confidence. We would like you to know more about our dentists.

What about quality?
Prisma Dental is a certified clinic with highly-trained, internationally certified on All-on-6. We have the advantage of an on-site lab to control and supervise the lab work that will be delivered.

What are the costs of All-on-6?
The prices range from $10,000 - $13,000 depending on the treatment needed. Each case is treated individually.

How do I book my appointment?
Fill our pre-consultation form and we’ll be contacting you soon to answer all your questions.