What is a Full Mouth Restoration?


A full mouth restoration, also known as a full mouth reconstruction, involves and combines several cosmetic dental procedures to improve the appearance and health, function and beauty of your smile.
Full mouth restorations are commonly recommended for patients with many broken, damaged, worn down, and/or missing teeth.

What are other procedures included within the Full Mouth Restoration?
A treatment plan for a full mouth restoration may include some of the following procedures:

How a Full Mouth Restoration is done?

  1. Our cosmetic dentists must do a thorough diagnosis of the teeth, gums, supporting bone, muscles and jaw join.
  2. Once all the information needed is obtained, the dentist can determine the ideal treatment plan for you and discuss all the available options.
  3. Telma Rubinstein and her team guide our technicians to create a beautiful, natural and youthful smile.
  4. Once you agreed with the treatment (s) to follow, we start with the reconstruction of your mouth.
  5. If you require dental implants, it will be require a time lapse 6 up to 8 months to fuse with the bone, after the surgery in order to avoid a body rejection to the implant.
  6. Once this time lapse is done, you will come back to Prisma Dental so we can complete the reconstruction of your mouth.
  7. In case we need to extract a piece or the entire set of teeth we will provide you with a provisional denture that looks and feels much like natural teeth, and you can lead a normal life immediately after surgery. There is never a moment when you are teeth-less.
  8. Once again, every treatment will be different, depending on the needs of each patient.

Our experience
Dr. Telma Rubinstein is our cosmetic expert, renowned for her expertise in full-mouth restoration and aesthetic work. She has more than 32 years of experience with constant training. She has attended congresses and training in Switzerland, Montreal, Miami, among other cities around the world. We would like you to know more about our dentists.